“Guaranteed TCQ

‘Nonfiction’ label
for photographs

Because photography is
the most universal language
that humans will ever create.

  • 1. A stunning and historic reversal

    For 200,000 years humans used their eyes to judge what was in front them. (Friend or foe? Safe or dangerous?) “Seeing” was “believing,” and humans often regarded “sight” as the most trustworthy of the senses.

    But suddenly the opposite is true. One of the hallmarks of digital technology is its ability to make things appear to be something they are not, most notably with visual images.

    Old habits die hard, but from now on we’ll have to go against 200,000-year-old habits and choose to NOT believe much of what we see.

  • 2. How to avoid getting fooled by pictures

    It’s very simple:

    Always be skeptical — no matter how convincing a picture may look — because in the digital age, no one can tell “just by looking” which pictures they can trust.

    When deciding how much to trust any picture that looks like a photograph, The Big Question is whether it shows only “what the camera saw at the moment the picture was taken” or whether it depicts something else.

    Since no one can judge a picture’s trustworthiness “just by looking” anymore, the only way to answer The Big Question is through non-visual means.

    That’s where the “Guaranteed TCQ” label comes in.

  • 3. How TCQ works

    The “Guaranteed TCQ” label is built on one of the most powerful forces in the world: personal reputation.

    A. Anyone can check any of their own photos against the Trust Checklist to see whether the photo has all 9 characteristics that are shared by the world’s most-widely trusted photos.

    B. If a photo fully meets the Trust Checklist, it is Trust Checklist Qualified. The photographer then can easily and freely attach their own name and the words “Guaranteed TCQ” to the qualified photo.

    C. Viewers decide whether to trust the “Guaranteed TCQ” label based on how much they trust (or don’t trust) both the context in which they see the label and the photographer who is publicly making the guarantee.

Unaugmented reality
will always have a power
that “Augmented Reality”
can never have.

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